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Weekly innovation round-up: 5 October 2022

Spotted this week: A recycling shower that saves water, a solar powered weed seeking robot and a startup keeping clothes out of landfill.

Weekly innovation round-up: 24 August 2022

Spotted this week: virtual windows that boost wellbeing; heat-emitting wallpaper to save on electricity bills; and a sustainable alternative to the humble avocado.

Weekly innovation round-up: 17 August 2022

Spotted this week: vegan cereal that’s good for your gut; a greener way to make car tyres black; and an haute couture dress made from waste cocoa bean husks.

Weekly innovation round-up: 10 August 2022

Spotted this week: a yacht that produces green hydrogen as it sails; a tool to identify and help struggling readers sooner; and the bespoke scents bringing to life classical paintings

Weekly innovation round-up: 3 August 2022

Spotted this week: a digital tool to help vets with their diagnoses; building insulation made from grass; and new research that could enable farmers to grow crops without sunlight

Weekly innovation round-up: 27 July 2022

Spotted this week: digital viagra’ therapy; eye scans to detect kidney disease; and as system to turn any river into a hydroelectric power source

Weekly innovation round-up: 20 July 2022

Spotted this week: a hi-tech factory for sustainable, modular houses; blinds that can turn any window into a solar panel; and plastic packaging that is completely compostable

Weekly innovation round-up: 13 July 2022

Spotted this week: a deep-sea turbine that provides limitless green power; an index that shows the influence of climate change in real time; and electric rickshaws that could offer a second-life for used car batteries

Weekly innovation round-up: 6 July 2022

Spotted this week: homes with zero energy bills; a circular economy platform that helps neighbours share household items; and carbon-negative cement powered by algae.