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The bidet has the capacity of a 500ml water bottle | Photo source Sonny

A portable, environmentally-friendly bidet

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Sonny has developed a portable bidet that promises a better cleanse while cutting down on toilet paper usage

Spotted: American startup Sonny has developed a portable bidet for a more hygienic way to “go to the bathroom” wherever one is. The device also aims to reduce toilet paper usage.

The bidet has the capacity of 100ml water bottle, and also comes with an extra reservoir. That translates to about 40 seconds on standard pressure and 25 seconds on high pressure, according to the company.

Users only need to charge and fill it with water to use the device, which will last up to three weeks. The bidet includes a washable nozzle with anti-bacterial coating that can be slid back into the bidet when not in use. It has three interchangeable spray settings: precision, shower and gentle. 

Sonny started off with a crowdfunding campaign targeting roughly €22,500, but has since exceeded that four times over. The €85 bidet is expected to ship in December 2019. 



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