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1% for The Planet: Travel and tourism beyond 2020

Springwise is a proud media partner for this panel discussion on what sustainable travel and tourism looks like in 2020 and beyond, in support of 1% for The Planet.

Wed, 24 June 2020 | 16:30 – 17:30 BST


Travel and tourism support many economies, and it can help keep nature and cultures appreciated and alive. But it can also have a substantial negative impact on the environment. During the lockdown, the world has seen significant drops in pollution and wildlife coming back into inhabited areas, making for some striking juxtapositions of animals with urban environments.

What will happen as travel restrictions are eased? Will we go back to travelling for business and for pleasure as much as we used to? Will we look for more purpose in our travel? What is the role of carbon offsetting? And of technological advances and alternatives like biofuels?

We will be joined by Soraya Shattuck and Kurt Weinsheimer. The panel will be moderated by Madelyn Postman, an individual member of 1% for the Planet who is on the UK Steering Committee.

Since helping found the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund in 2016, Soraya Shattuck has been leading the non-profit, which is a 1% for the Planet partner, through four successful years of funding and awarded over $350,000 in grants to important conservation projects around the world. Soraya has spent her professional career integrating sustainable practices into the private and public sector and with her commitment, passion and vision, the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund operates in a manner that will protect the invaluable natural and cultural assets of tourism for the long term. Soraya was born and raised in Kenya, but now calls the Pacific Northwest her home. In her spare time, she can almost certainly be found rock climbing.

Kurt Weinsheimer is a board member of 1% for the Planet. He is the Chief Solutions Officer at Sojern, which specialises in traveller path to purchase data, to “know all the world’s travellers and move them from dream to destination.” Kurt’s role includes product, data science and engineering. A veteran in travel marketing, Kurt has more than 20 years of experience in online travel commerce and media and is the force behind Sojern’s mission to offer digital marketing solutions for the travel industry. Before pursuing his love of travel as a career, Kurt followed his primary passion of outdoor adventure as Marketing Director for Patagonia.

There will be time at the end for Q&As.

We’ll send you the link a few days before the event.