Innovation That Matters

2008 | This year's top 10 retail ideas


We’re deviating from our regular schedule to bring you the best new business ideas we’ve spotted over the last 12 months—smart concepts that will continue to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities. Aiming to sell stuff to consumers in 2009? Be inspired by our 10 favourite (online and offline) retail concepts:
  1. Filippa K — Swedish fashion brand launches its own secondhand store
  2. Gerbola Vin — Wine selling & storytelling
  3. Fashionology LA — Retailer helps tweens make their own clothes
  4. Chocri — Custom-made chocolate bars
  5. HOJO — Health and wellness shop focuses on seniors
  6. Foodzie — An Etsy for artisanal food
  7. Lush — Lush brings back discontinued products on demand
  8. Naked Wines — Online farmers’ market for small wine producers
  9. BLANKbottle — Winery lets customers set prices
  10. Myfab — Furniture shopping with the crowds
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