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Lisbon store brings back forgotten favourites


Taking a firm stand in the face of globalization, A Vida Portuguesa has tracked down Portugal’s unique brands and opened a store dedicated to products that have resisted the urge to keep up with changing times. At the store, located in a former soap factory in Lisbon’s traditional-yet-hip neighbourhood of Chiado, customers can find over 1,000 products that have maintained their original packaging, that are made by hand, or that represent traditional Portuguese craftsmanship. Soaps, pencils, mugs, jewelry, notebooks, coffee, tea, blankets and even toothpaste—everything on stock holds a fragment of the nation’s collective memory. Some items are widely available and familiar throughout Portugal, while others were almost impossible to find and buy before the store opened. A Vida Portuguesa appeals both to nostalgic adults delighted to find the brands of their youth, and to younger generations attracted by old-fashioned products and retro packaging that provide an alternative to mainstream brands. It’s a testament, once again, to the enduring appeal of (still) made here, a trend that rewards brands for staying true to their local roots and identity. Time to starting collecting, curating and selling forgotten and enduring favourites in your neck of the woods? And if there’s a similar store in your city, please leave a comment and let us know! (Related: Mastic fantastic, now in New York.) Spotted by: João Coelho



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