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In-home childcare includes language instruction

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Learning a new language is often best achieved outside the classroom—when one is eating lunch, for example, or practicing one’s profession. Aiming to bring a similar philosophy to the education of children, Parisian Baby-speaking is an in-home childcare service that includes foreign language instruction in day-to-day activities. With services for children aged one and up, Baby-speaking was developed with the help of language-acquisition experts to incorporate a new language into everyday activities. Care providers are all native-speakers in the language they offer, and are carefully trained in Baby-speaking’s method, which includes a plethora of games and activities to work into the day. “Simon Says” and “Go Fish” are both among the games that Baby-speaking uses to create fun immersion time for young kids, as are songs, skits and cooking recipes. For kids six and up, Baby-speaking adds activity books of interactive games and a conversation notebook to enrich what’s learned in school; teen services are designed to complement the language fundamentals learned in high school. Baby-speaking’s prices range from EUR 12 per hour for children under 6 to EUR 35 for teens. Baby-speaking has already won several awards, including one in the 2009 European Innovative Enterprise Competition. Time to target all the future little polyglots near you…? Spotted by: Hugo Cahuzac



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