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Expiration-date stickers for cosmetics

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Expiration dates are commonly found on most food products, but there is currently no law requiring similar labelling on cosmetics. Aiming to protect consumers from the potential hazards of out-of-date makeup and other like goods, Seattle-based Beauty Alert has developed a line of stickers to remind consumers when they’re likely to go bad. All cosmetics have a shelf life—essentially, how long they can stay good while unopened—as well as a home use life span, or how long they remain safe once opened. When either of those periods ends, spoilage can begin, Beauty Alert says, reducing a product’s effectiveness and allowing bacterial growth that can cause irritations or infections. Targeting the home use life span is the company’s new line of stickers, which come in versions specific to cosmetics that expire in three, six, 12 or 18 months after opening. Consumers simply write on the appropriate type of sticker the date on which they opened the product and affix the sticker directly to it. Then, they’ll be reminded to replace the item once that time period has passed. Packages of 24 stickers—six for each type of home use life span—are available online for USD 8.50 each. Innovation is all about scratching consumers’ itches, so to speak; find an unmet need of your own, and your back will likely get scratched in return! 😉 Spotted by: Sarah Harlett



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