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Self-serve parking bay for bikes

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From urban bike-sharing schemes to cargo bikes for business deliveries, there’s no doubt bicycle use is on the rise. As with cars, however, parking bikes safely remains a persistent challenge. That’s where the Biceberg comes in, providing a protected and secure place for urban bicyclists to leave their bikes. Invented by Spanish ma-SISTEMAS, the Biceberg is a fully automated underground bike park that can securely hold 23, 46, 69 or 92 bikes—depending on its size—along with accessories like helmets and backpacks. The device works much like an oversized ATM as it collects bikes from, and then returns them back to, street level. Users of the Biceberg are equipped with a microchip card and PIN that they use to gain entry to the device any time they want to drop off or retrieve their bike. Upon entering their information, the Biceberg’s bicycle-sized garage door opens to deliver or accept the bicycle into the park—either way, the process takes about 30 seconds, the company says. A video on the Biceberg site demonstrates the device in action. While bikes are stored there, the Biceberg even offers a 100% guarantee against robbery. Several Bicebergs are already installed in Spain—in Zaragoza, Huesca, Blanes, Vitoria and Barcelona—and the company hopes to begin its expansion into the rest of Europe soon. One to help bring to the bike paths, byways and crowded sidewalks near you…? Spotted by: Copenhagenize via Raymond Kollau



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