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In-flight entertainment, starring the iPad

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The iPad applications continue to come fast and furious. We’ve now seen a hotel chain and a trend forecaster incorporate the device into their offerings, and now it looks like UK-based Bluebox Avionics could be first to include the iPad in an in-flight entertainment system. Bluebox’s namesake system already offers wireless in-flight entertainment that’s accessible via handheld devices, seatback technology and overhead cabin broadcasting. Now the London company has announced that it will soon include the iPad among those delivery vehicles through its Bluebox Ai offering, which will be fully integrated with the other parts of the Bluebox system. Specifically, Bluebox has ported its PC-based operating and security software to the Apple platform, enabling a full range of iTunes App Store games and eBooks, a full selection of consumer magazines via Zinio, and a selection of some 200,000 commercial apps already available for the device. Airlines can add their own custom apps as well. Bluebox Ai will launch on an international carrier in July, the company says, with availability to other airlines shortly thereafter. In the meantime, it’s now on display at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. With more than a million iPads now in the wild, it stands to reason that consumers will increasingly expect to see the device put to work by tech-savvy brands as well. If consumer-facing technology is at the core of your brand’s offering, that should probably include you… Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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