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Body Shop brings back old customer favourites


In this era of mass-customisation, consumers increasingly expect to be able to get exactly what they want, when they want it. Since discontinued products sometimes fall on that list, we’re starting to see manufacturers make such goods available once again. Lush was one example we wrote about back in 2008, and now Body Shop has launched an effort along very similar lines. Through its new Originals line, eco-minded beauty purveyor Body Shop—now part of L’Oréal—has brought back a collection of best-sellers from its early days. Starting in October, classics such as Dewberry Shower gel, Banana Shampoo and Carrot Moisturiser—all popular during the 1980s, and frequently requested since then—have been made available once again. To celebrate the products’ return, Body Shop is holding a promotion whereby consumers who vote for their favourite product in the line by Jan. 31 can win a year’s supply of it, or 12 bottles. Consumers can also request that additional products be brought back; those with enough demand will be added to the Originals line. A YouTube video explains the new campaign. Lesson to be learned? Just as consumers can help design and refine new products, so they can tell you when an old product has the potential for new life. Rather than always scrambling for something new, your next success may lie in the annals of time. 🙂 Spotted by: Cas Stevenson



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