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Recyclable picnic box with compostable dishes & utensils

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Picnics are a basic pleasure that’s all too rarely enjoyed these days — as, indeed, is the whole concept of the workday lunch hour, for most of us. Dallas-based Three Blind Ants is aiming to reverse both of those trends with the Boxsal, a new, eco-minded spin on the age-old picnic basket. Each Boxsal measures 20 inches wide by 15 inches tall by 5 inches deep, for a total of 1.15 cubic feet of storage space. What sets the Boxsal apart from the traditional wicker picnic basket, however, is that it is made of Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI)-grade recycled paper and printed with earth-friendly inks. Three design variations on the Boxsal theme are available, including “Urban Picnic” — which looks like a boombox — “Office Escape,” featuring a briefcase design, and “Today’s Date,” a paint-by-numbers version aimed at romantic get-togethers. Priced at USD 24.99, each Boxsal includes four compostable trays, utensil sets and cold cups; 8 compostable bowls and recycled napkins; and one compostable trash bag. Each Boxsal can be reused an average of 10 or so times, the company says. Three Blind Ants is currently seeking retailers to carry the Boxsal; alternatively, how about offering it as a perk or paid extra for guests at your eco-minded hotel? Custom-branding is available. Either way, looks like it’s time to help resurrect the picnic in the hills, dales and urban landscapes near you! (Related: Pressed leaves transformed into disposable dishesReusable lunch kit for kidsReusable lunch box napkinsStainless steel lunch containersDisposable coffee cup is fully compostable.) Spotted by: Ana Camargo



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