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Branding agency offers personalised Instagram Stories templates


These templates are the next step in creating business from social media.

Social media is everywhere nowadays; Springwise has followed its progression through innovations such as online shopping experiences made social and ad-free digital spaces. Now Unfold has made moves into creating business opportunities out of social media trends.

Unfold, a company that creates templates for users to download and use in their Stories, has gone a step further in their latest business endeavour. Unfold for Brands is a recent development within the company, offering brands custom-made templates for their business. This allows companies to stand out still further through their social media presence. Unfold’s first customer for this personalised service was Equinox, a luxury fitness company.

The Stories feature on social media services such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook is a popular way to share live updates fast and often. The idea is that a picture or video stays up for 24 hours, allowing followers temporary access to the information. Many businesses also use it as a means to promote products or services, as it allows for more interaction with followers than simple posts.

This development of personalised templates highlights the growth of curated online personalities for businesses. Companies and entrepreneurs are investing in their digital presences with increasingly large budgets.




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