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Men's skincare by subscription, in two seasonal kits

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It wasn’t long ago that we saw the launch of Growth Bridge’s subscription service for razor blades, and recently we came across a like-minded approach to men’s skin care. Aiming to simplify the purchase process as much as possible, Canadian Bread & Butter offers skincare by yearly subscription with everything most men’s skin needs in two seasonal kits. Bread & Butter’s 6-piece Winter Kit offers two tubes of both facial cleanser and moisturizer along with one tube of lip balm and one tube of body moisturizer. The 5-piece Summer Kit, on the other hand, includes two tubes of face cleanser, two tubes of SPF 15 facial moisturizer and one tube of shaving gel. All products included meet airline carry-on regulations. Kits can be ordered individually or by yearly subscription for a 12-month supply, with delivery in June and December. Pricing is CDN 49.99 to ship one kit or CDN 84.99 to ship both within Canada; equivalent orders to the U.S. cost CDN 64.99 and CDN 106.99, respectively. All products are Canadian-made and come with a free 60-day return guarantee. Within Toronto, Bread & Butter even accepts the empty tubes back as part of its cradle-to-cradle recycling program. Whether it’s razors, skincare products or household necessities, opportunity awaits those who can relieve consumers of the burden of making routine purchases. Bread & Butter, however, delivers only within the U.S. and Canada—one to bring to shopping-averse men in *your* neck of the woods…? (Related: Clothes shopping for men, no store visits required.) Spotted by: Stephanie Pirishis



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