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Niche travel tours for late sleepers

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With all the variations that already exist in the world of guided tours — we’ve even seen them offered for teddy bears, after all — it almost seems difficult to believe that another niche could possibly be found. Sure enough, though, in a testament to the virtually limitless nuances that can distinguish consumer segments, we recently happened upon a new one: travelling tours for those who like to sleep in. Indeed, California-based Executive Tours now offers a series of what it calls Crack of Noon Tours, designed — as it puts it — “for those who don’t consider themselves ‘morning people’.” Rather, in its guided excursions to Italy and France, the company takes pains to ensure that it never schedules any activities before noon. Executive Tours explains: “We firmly believe that travel is enjoyed much more when one is rested and relaxed — not herded and rushed. With Crack of Noon Tours, you will never hear the phrase, ‘bags out by six AM’.” In designing its tours, Crack of Noon goes beyond just making reservations to help clients create an itinerary, arrange local meals and coordinate sightseeing. It also limits attendance to just 24 people. An 11-day trip to France planned for this fall, for instance, is priced at USD 3,290 per person, not including airfare; a 12-day trip to Italy costs USD 3,375. Just as virtually any product or service can be upgraded — one of our favourite refrains — so too can most be nichified. The early birds have had their day; what other services could be rethought and revised for the many night owls of the world…? (Related: Mapping the 24/7 economyWeeknight clubbing for the 9-to-5 crowd.) Spotted by: Judy McRae



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