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Custom-made chocolate bars


While candy bars with personalized labels are a dime a dozen, a German startup offers a tastier kind of customization, letting customers design their own chocolate. The online ordering process at Chocri is similar to the customized muesli and coffee concepts we’ve covered–both of which also happen to be German.* After selecting either white, milk or dark chocolate, customers pick the ingredients they’d like to add: fruit, nuts, spices or bits of candy. Options range from the familiar (almonds, hazelnuts and raisins) to the adventurous (cumin, gummi bears and gold dust), and up to five ingredients can be selected. When they’re done mixing and matching, customers pick a name for their very own ‘meine schokolade’, which is printed on the label. They’re also given a unique product code for easy reordering. Prices range from EUR 2.50-6.50 for a 125 gram bar, depending on which ingredients are added. Chocri uses fair trade, organic chocolate only. Confectioners (and anyone else in B2C, for that matter) looking for extra business should consider adding a made-to-order element to their products. Once consumers get used to having it their way, there’s no turning back 😉 There’s an unmistakable opportunity here for a smart web company, too: build a plug-and-play web solution for all those small businesses who need an affordable way to add customization to their existing offerings. (Related: Bespoke chocolate portfolios by Sir Hans Sloane.) * Chocri even offers muesli by mymuesli as one of its 80+ ingredients. Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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