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Device lets workers exercise at their desks

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For the 75 million or so people in the United States alone who sit at their desks for eight or more hours a day, work typically takes a toll on fitness. New York-based Compactix is a company that aims to change all that with a portable device that allows deskbound professionals to exercise while they work. The DeskMate attaches easily to any desk up to three inches thick. There, sedentary workers can use it to burn calories, decrease fatigue, flex muscles and relieve stress, even while simultaneously typing, reading or talking on the phone. With adjustable resistance levels, the device offers a light workout for the upper arms, shoulders and back. It’s not intended to replace regular gym workouts, but it can achieve effective results with use from anywhere between five and 20 minutes per day, Compactix says. Though currently out of stock, the DeskMate is generally available through Amazon for USD 29.99 plus shipping. Compactix is also pursuing distribution agreements with retailers, it says. Fitness-minded retailers—this one’s for you 😉 (Related: Fitness device coaxes users into action — Wearable device tracks fitness data 24/7.)



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