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Driving service for seniors

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After we wrote about Pink Ladies, a British taxi service for women, a reader alerted us to Canadian Driving Miss Daisy. Driving Miss Daisy is a cab and companion service for senior citizens, that takes them shopping, to doctor’s appointments, social events, etc. The company prides itself on providing extra care and security to its elderly customers, at affordable prices. Driving Miss Daisy currently has seven cars in Edmonton, Calgary, and is looking to expand to other cities. Aging (and relatively well-off) populations in most of Europe and North-America are creating ample opportunities for products and services aimed at making older consumers’ lives easier. Particulary for those that allow them to remain independent. While non-profit, goverment-subsidized transportation services are fairly wide-spread, they usually can’t offer the extra time and convenience that a commercial service can. Driving services should work particularly well if marketed not only to senior customers, but also to their (busy) children, who don’t always have enough time to help out their parents as much as they would like. A rewarding business idea for caring entrepreneurs!


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