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More household carbon credit sales

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The global carbon trading market is projected to reach USD 669 billion by 2013, according to a recent report, so it’s not too surprising to see intermediaries and consumer-focused services jumping into the game. Just last week we covered MyEex, which bills itself as a worldwide personal carbon exchange, and recently we learned of another like-minded contender: Earth Aid. Much like MyEex, Earth Aid aims to reward consumers for the energy they save at home. Now in beta, the free service begins by establishing a baseline for a consumer’s household from its utility bills over the preceding 12 months—consumers give Earth Aid direct access to their utility accounts, so it can not only see their past usage data but also monitor their current usage over time. (It can’t, however, see any sensitive payment information, it stresses.) Earth Aid then provides the consumer with customised energy-saving tips along with information about rebates, tax incentives and discounts that can help. It monitors that user’s energy usage over one full year, and then compares it with the original baseline; if energy was saved, Earth Aid calculates the corresponding carbon credits and sells them in the voluntary carbon market, sending the user a check for the result. Its own revenue, meanwhile, comes in part from advertising from companies that sell energy-efficient products and in part from commissions for bundling and selling users’ carbon credits. The carbon market has long focused primarily on businesses and large organizations, so it’s exciting to see the same capabilities being brought to consumers—who, after all, have a big role to play in the fight against global warming too. Based in Washington, D.C., Earth Aid appears to be targeting US consumers with its service. Another one to partner with, emulate or be inspired by! Spotted by: Juan Pedro Gonzalez



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