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Smart thermostat is always online

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Targeting consumers who want to consume less energy but also enjoy shiny new gadgets, Canadian Ecobee has developed a smart thermostat that enables easy remote control of a home’s energy use. Installation involves hooking up the device to a customer’s existing wifi network and then registering it online, so that users can log in to Ecobee’s portal and control their thermostat from wherever they can access the web. While regular programmable thermostats stick to fixed routines, Ecobee’s online access means that users have flexible control over home heating and cooling, adjusting as needed if they’ll be home earlier or later than expected. The Smart Thermostat is priced at USD 385 plus shipping and installation, plus USD 35 per year access to Ecobee’s portal. Besides direct sales to consumers in Canada and the US, Ecobee is also pitching its device and platform to utility companies. By adding pricing visualization to the thermostat’s information mix, utilities can make consumers even more aware of their energy use, which could have the added benefit of reducing peak loads. (Related: Home security with an energy-monitoring twistHome energy monitoring, delivered by Google.) Spotted by: Amanda Bond



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