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Site tracks workout miles and friendly competitions

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About a year ago we covered Plus 3 Network, the service that tracks consumers’ workout miles and then converts them into charitable donations. Danish Endomondo offers similar workout-tracking capabilities but with a focus on personal and competitive motivations instead. Now in beta, Endomondo is designed to help users keep track of their sports activities, challenge their friends and then follow them live while they are working out. With a focus on distance sports—including running, biking, hiking and kayaking, for example—the site supports most GPS mobile phones and Garmin devices. Users begin by downloading Endomondo’s free software onto their device. They then bring the device whenever they run, walk, bike or participate in any other distance sport. The technology automatically tracks their course along with their distance covered, end time, average speed, split time, calories burned, and more. Users can also choose to enter their workouts manually. Either way, they can then view their complete training log, challenge their friends and follow their progress, create teams, find buddies and follow their activities. They can also find new routes, draw new ones and share their favorite ones with others. Launched about a year ago, Endomondo also offers corporate versions of its technology including company challenges, weekly status reports and superior technical support. Those in health and fitness: how about offering a like-minded service to your own paying members, possibly as a free perk…? (Related: Site matches motivation ‘buddies’ with shared goals.) Spotted by: Jesper Lundgren



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