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Favour-granting site helps friends help each other

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Last week we wrote about MealBaby, a site that helps friends take care of each other in times of need. Then one of our spotters alerted us to FriendlyFavor, a start-up that helps people ask directly for things that could help them out. Launched just last week, FriendlyFavor is an all-purpose request tool developed to complement social networks such as Facebook and MySpace by enabling users to leverage their trusted networks of friends, family and colleagues for help with referrals, recommendations, advice and other favours or requests. People seeking a babysitter, job referral or help moving a couch, to name just a few examples, can all use FriendlyFavor for free to ask for help online—sending their request only to the contacts they trust—as can people with favours to offer, such as extra tickets or leftover moving supplies. The platform was designed to eliminate the hassle, wasted time and confusion that can accompany traditional favour requests, providing instead a one-stop site for managing everything from the initial request to the thank-you once a favour has been granted. For thank-yous, FriendlyFavor provides options through several channels, including gift cards from leading retailers such as, Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom and REI; charitable gift cards via TisBest; as well as cash, “good karma” or “Swap Shop” options, enabling users to offer goods or services in exchange. Optimized for Facebook Connect, FriendlyFavor’s platform can be easily licensed for corporate networking and intranets, online communities, and alumni or nonprofit groups, the company says. Seattle-based FriendlyFavor generates revenue from technology licensing, targeted online advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsorships. In the coming months the company plans to add new features including the ability to save and name custom contact lists as well as Open Social and mobile integration. One to partner with—or emulate—in your neck of the friendly woods….? Spotted by: Ozgur Alaz



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