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Canadian credit union gives people ten-dollar bills to give away

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Starting today, Canadian credit union Servus is handing out CDN 200,000 in ten-dollar bills, giving 20,000 people the opportunity to create a Feel Good Ripple by giving that money to someone else. Servus is asking customers “How will you use ten dollars to make someone’s day?” Suggestions include ‘buy flowers for the grocery store cashier’, ‘buy the coffee for the person behind you in line at the drive-thru’ and ‘give $10 to a homeless shelter to pay for lunch or dinner supplies’. By pledging CDN 200,00 to the effort, the company hopes to start a ‘ kindness movement’ that will positively affect at least 20,000 people. Servus is distributing the bills through its branches throughout Alberta, and asking participants to write up stories of their kindness—monetary or otherwise—on By sharing their experience online or at a branch, participants have a chance to win one of ten CDN 500 donations to a charity of their choice. While the contest will end on December 1st, Servus hopes the Feel Good Ripple will continue long afterwards. This type of sponsored charity—actively seeking customers’ collaboration—is meant to underline the cooperative mindset of credit unions (as opposed to, say, banks). It’s a prime example of a company applying the principles of Generation G, as our sister-site calls the societal and business shift to a more generous mindset. (Related: Grocer lets customers direct its community givingCustomers deliver donated TOMS shoes.)



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