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Fintech startup builds a smart cash register for Polish businesses


The cash registers make it cheap and simple for Polish small businesses to accept credit card payments and track sales in real time

Spotted: Polish startup iPOS has developed a smart cash register that is making it easier and cheaper for small businesses to accept credit cards and track sales online. The iPOS system combines a payment terminal with smart technology, real-time data collection and a printer to meet Poland’s financial reporting requirements. It is a first for the country, according to the startup.

Polish law requires small and medium businesses to print out receipts at the point of sale. That means that online payment systems like Square, Clover, Poynt are not cost efficient for small businesses as they do not include a fiscal printer.

The iPOS terminal includes a fiscal printer so shops can accept credit cards without buying extra equipment. The system also allows businesses to digitally track sales and issue invoices. The system’s software records data from purchases and receipts in real time. It can report from stores across multiple locations. Business owners can access the data from any web browser at any time. The system is also less expensive than other POS options, according to the startup.




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