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Costume jewelry brand recycles worn pieces

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It’s no longer uncommon for companies to turn other companies’ used goods into something new—Worn Again’s recrafting of old airplane seat covers comes to mind—or to donate used products for a charitable cause. One we hadn’t seen, however, was a jewelry company that takes back its customers’ worn items and transforms them into new designs. Sure enough, though, last month Canada’s Foxy Originals announced a new jewelry recycling program that it says is the first of its kind in North America. How it works: customers send in their old, well-worn pieces of the company’s design, and Foxy will melt down the metals from those items and turn them into brand-new designs. In exchange, consumers receive a 10 percent discount on their next Foxy purchase. As the company’s website explains, “Foxy’s recycle program is a great way to refresh your personal collection of Foxy Originals while reducing waste and helping the environment.” Toronto-based Foxy’s other socially minded efforts include producing all its designs locally in Canada and using lead-free materials and water-based sprays instead of toxic solvents in all production. Already endowed with (still) made here appeal, Foxy will only add to its eco-credentials with the new recycling effort, encouraging green-minded customers to come back for more. (Related: Retailers recycle customers’ used clothesFrom Wal-Mart, jewelry with a traceable story.) Spotted by: Sarah Tindle



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