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Gift-giving simplified through a prepaid plan

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Everyone likes getting a thoughtful surprise, and giving them isn’t so bad either. But it’s not always easy to find the time to shop and send something or, for that matter, to remember to do so. A Brazilian startup has come up with a solution: prepaid plans for multiple gifts over a set period of time. Targetting male gift-givers, Ticket to Mind offers four different plans: Basic, Plus, Advanced and Express, ranging in price from BRL 19.90 to BRL 69.90 per month (USD 12.00-42.00 / EUR 8.25-29.00). The Express plan, for example, is aimed at “conquering a new love or renewing an existing one”, and TTM will send three bouquets of flowers over a four-month period, at random times. The sender receives a notification before each bouquet is shipped, and the flowers include a card with a message based on information provided by the sender. Other plans include a wider variety of gifts: chocolate, toys, cosmetics and “spicy” items. Prices for each plan include products, shipping and notifications, with no additional costs charged. No mention of TTM is made on the gifts or packaging: the company wisely points out that they’re keen to remain completely invisible to the recipient. Once they’ve signed up for the service, gift-givers can track shipments online and–depending on the plan–pick a few of the gifting dates. But not all of them. After all, the whole point is to be thoughtful not just on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, but throughout the year. We’re reminded of a trend name that our sister-site coined a few years ago: planned spontaneity, which sums up the service perfectly. & e-commerce friends: one to add to your services? (Related: Never forget to send a birthday card again.) Spotted by: Tiago Lucci



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