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Much the way RestyleMe and let consumers get fashion and image advice from the crowds, so GoTryItOn gives people a way to get feedback on particular outfits. Based in New York, GoTryItOn lets users upload digital snapshots of themselves in various outfits. Along with each outfit, they can list the brands included and indicate whether the look is intended for a particular occasion or event. Next, they decide whether to share the look with the site’s whole community or keep it private and share only with friends. Either way, those allowed to see the outfit can then vote for or against it by clicking the upward- or downward-facing hangers, signifying “wear it” and “change it,” respectively. They can also leave comments for the person in the outfit, including any suggestions for modification or improvement. Those wearing the outfits can later give feedback to those who provided reviews to let them know how the outfit worked out. GoTryItOn moderates comments for adherence to its community standards, including awarding badges to members who give consistently good advice. Now in beta, GoTryItOn was an Accelerator Finalist at this year’s SXSW. Currently, visitors to GoTryItOn who admire a particular outfit must ask the wearer where it can be found. Seems to us the natural next step would be to include direct links to purchase options, much the way Stitsh does. One to partner with for new, click-to-purchase capabilities… and referral fees? (Related: Online wardrobe management for fashionistas.) Spotted by: Parul Rohatgi



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