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Greek startup creates crowd-sourced map for rave culture

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The Rave Atlas shows people where to find the best parties, shops and underground music scenes around the world

Spotted: Greek-startup Rave Atlas has created a global map for music lovers. The interactive, crowd-sourced map shows travellers where to find the best music in towns around the world.

The startup says its mission is to share information about niche local scenes, and up and coming artistry.  So it goes beyond the known music centres like Berlin, London, or Ibiza. Rave Atlas’ members provide local insight so music lovers can party like a local anywhere in the world.

Joining is free and easy on the Rave Atlas site. Once registered, you can search a map for ravers, DJs, VJs or music events in your area. The startup already has over 500 ravers and DJs signed up on its platform.




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