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Personalized gift raps via Facebook

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We’ve all received greetings cards that, upon opening, play a stripped down rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. California-based GreetBeatz is here to personalize that concept and bring it into the 21st century by way of Facebook. GreetBeatz allows users to commission songs for their online friends. Customers provide details of their friend via an online form, which then appear in a custom song produced by a member of GreetBeatz’ network of performers. Around 5 days later, the end result appears on the recipient’s Facebook wall for all to enjoy. A two-minute song with a few words of customization can be commissioned at no cost, while fully-customized ditties are available for USD 9.95 for 60–90 seconds and USD 49.95 for longer songs. A wide range of sample tracks can be heard on GreetBeatz’ website, and they’re surprisingly catchy and funny. We’ve spotted related endeavours before, including’s love songs and Faux Show’s personalised radio shows, but this is the first time we’ve seen made-to-order audio tributes that are seamlessly integrated with Facebook, which should help the concept spread with minimal marketing investment. Interesting opportunity for singing sellsumers, too: GreetBeatz is currently seeking independent artists to handle the incoming flow of commissions. Spotted by: Stas Zlobinski



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