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Healthy lunchboxes designed by kids delivered to their door

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Tuckrbox introduces healthy eating to kids via farm-to-lunchbox meal deliveries.

There are plenty of companies, such as Forage and Gulala, that help grownups eat better by delivering pre-portioned ingredients straight to their doors. Now, Tuckrbox introduces healthy eating for their kids too, through farm-to-lunchbox meal deliveries.


Tuckrbox enables parents to provide easy, healthy lunches for their children to take to school. The startup recently won the App Idea Awards, and is about to launch an Indiegogo campaign to help finance the tech and food business. Tuckrbox is working with ROKO Labs to create an app that will be visual and fun for kids, encouraging them to engage with their food choices. Meals will be chosen by the kid through the app and approved by their parent, before being scheduled for delivery to their home. All the ingredients will be sourced from local farms and purveyors.

How else could food businesses be adapted to cater for kids too?



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