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If wine tastings can be conducted via Twitter, it should come as no surprise to find a wine-recommendation service that’s accessible by SMS. Sure enough, Hello Vino is a new wine pairing and suggestion tool that can be accessed both via the web and from any mobile device. Users in search of wine advice merely visit Hello Vino online or text the word HELLOVINO to 368266. The tool then guides them through a simple question-and-answer process, asking first if the wine they seek is for with a meal, for an occasion, of a specific taste or style or from a particular region. Depending on their choice they are then asked a few additional questions, the ultimate result of which is a short list of specific wines that could fit the bill, including for each the vintage, region and price. California-based Hello Vino just launched a few weeks ago, and it’s not yet clear exactly how its revenue model will work. Partnerships with local merchants or vintners seem a likely possibility, however, since that would also help complete the picture with information—currently missing from the service—on where to buy the wines that are recommended. One to test out, partner with, and take to the next level! (Related: Selling wine by SMSFood pairing made easy.) Spotted by: Roberta Steinberg



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