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Open source magazine for teens lets readers copy its content

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We’ve seen proof on numerous occasions already that open source principles are not applicable only to software. There’s the open source restaurant we covered earlier this year, for example — and the open source fashion label from a few years back. Now extending the concept into yet another category is HIP2B², a South African magazine for teens whose most recent issue is not just chocolate-scented, it also features entirely open source content. The brain child of Canonical founder and South African space tourist Mark Shuttleworth, HIP2B² aims to spur curiosity in science and maths among learners in grades 10, 11 and 12. Toward that end, the quarterly magazine is distributed for free to high schools across South Africa. With an approach focused on edutainment, HIP2B² is complemented in multiple media by a TV show, a brand ambassador program and more. What caught our eye about the magazine, however, was primarily that its past two issues — appearing in July and November — have featured entirely open source content licensed under a Creative Commons license, meaning that said content can be freely copied, shared or reused as long as the magazine is credited. “Open source is something that we’ve always envisioned emulating in the magazine,” Janna Joseph, the magazine’s editor, told “Now, we’ve achieved this by using images from Flickr, the internet, or creating them ourselves. This affords more authenticity as a brand as content is borne out of creativity and originality, not stock libraries.” Then, too, there’s this month’s chocolate-scented cover, which speaks for itself as an experiential tool. The growing trend toward open source software in recent years has dovetailed beautifully with consumers’ increasing focus on participation, collaboration and content creation of every kind. Is this the future of magazine publishing? Only time will tell. In the meantime, one to watch! (Related: Open video project aims to spur independent TVOpen source phone service for off-grid areasAn open-source 3D printer for the massesOpen source eco-car, designed by wikiOpen source approach to textbook publishing.) Spotted by: Bizcommunity via Katherine Noyes



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