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The startup promises to save customers $200-$300 a year by switching from gas to an electric pump heater | Photo source Stephan Bechert on Unsplash

A startup helping to electrify our homes

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The Colorado company is electrifying homes to keep energy use – and costs – as low as possible

Spotted: As part of the move to net zero, many countries are beginning to phase out the use of gas in homes and commercial buildings. In the US, the Inflation Reduction Act includes around $9 billion (approximately €8.5 billion) set aside for home energy rebates to help residents make their homes more energy efficient.

These legislative moves, combined with much higher prices now being paid for energy – and especially for fossil fuels — has led many people to begin thinking about replacing fossil fuels in their home with electricity, which can come from green sources. Colorado-based Elephant Energy is one company that is helping consumers renovate their homes to run on electricity, instead of natural gas and other fossil fuels.

Elephant’s advisors develop customer-tailored plans to electrify homes, including the installation of heat pumps, hybrid water heaters, EV chargers, induction ranges, weatherisation, and more. After completing the system design, procuring the equipment, and qualifying the home for any available rebates, Elephant Energy works with top local contractors to deliver the work.

Elephant has recently closed a $3.5 million (approximately €3.3 million) funding round, which the company will use to expand within and outside Colorado.

Energy prices are continuing to go up and the prices, especially for fossil fuels, are unlikely to come down significantly in the long term. In response, many people are switching to electricity, especially for their vehicles and heating. Recent innovations in electrification that Springwise has spotted include the conversion of existing vehicles to electric power in East Africa, and an electric air conditioner that uses very little energy.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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