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Improving the cost-effectiveness of renewable fuel

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The modular system makes it easy to replace petroleum-based sources of power

Spotted: The volatility of renewable energy sources is one of the industry’s biggest challenges, along with the variable costs of sustainable power. Key to making world-changing improvements to the global supply of power and electricity are cross-industry collaborations and new technologies. Startup’s goal of bringing e-fuel costs down to €1 a litre is a crucial milestone in improving the affordability of green power.’s NextGen-PtX Reactor Units create carbon neutral and renewable e-fuels on a large enough scale to replace industrial use of oil and natural gas. The modular system turns carbon dioxide and hydrogen into usable products and is designed specifically to be easy to integrate into existing power supplies. By making the process available at moderate pressures and temperatures, the team reduces the need for companies to invest in further equipment and reduces the amount of emissions produced throughout the production process.  

Importantly, the reactors help stabilise the notoriously erratic supply of renewable energy. As part of a power-to-X design, the system stores excess energy produced by a variety of sustainable sources, meaning that renewable-energy-generated power can be accessed whenever needed. tailors the system and set-up to the required power output and plans to have a prototype in place in a European refinery sometime in 2023. The company recently closed a €1.2 million pre-seed round of financing that will be used to increase production outputs and system efficiencies, with a goal to start series production in 2025.  

As Springwise has spotted, green fuel production is expanding rapidly as technologies develop that make it possible to turn everything from CO2 to air into sustainable power sources.

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