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Interior design products made from mycelium

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Driven by circular economy principles, one startup has developed a range of mycelium-based technologies for interior design products

Spotted: Palatable, poisonous, or medicinal – mushrooms have many strings to their bow. But mycelium – the network of fungal fibres found beneath our feet – has recently been gaining some different attention, in particular about the role it could play in sustainability. Italian company Mogu has especially invested in fungi, basing its entire interior design company on mycelium in a bid to make home decor a part of the circular economy.   

By growing mycelium from selected strains of fungi, Mogu begins constructing its mushroom-based materials. The fungi are used as a reinforcement to create a plastic-free material before being slowly dried. The result is a stable, safe, durable, and – most importantly – biodegradable material fit for interior design use. 

When looking at how much waste humans produce, we clearly live in a single-use, throwaway world that heavily relies on finite materials and resources. Driven by circular economy principles, Mogu hopes to set an example with its mycelium technologies, showing that a low-value material can be transformed into a sustainable, high-value product. 

To date, Mogu has created a range of products that are on the market, from acoustic fittings to wall panels and flooring. 

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Written By: Georgia King




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