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Eco-friendly motorbike valve reduces petrol use

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The valve creates a hybrid fuel that aims to decrease petrol use and reduce the emission of pollutants

Spotted: A 71-year-old Indian inventor has created a valve that uses steam energy to cut fuel consumption in two-wheeled motorbikes. Use of the valve can reduce both monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. 

Developed by Arvinde Khandke, the valve is the second one he has patented. The original one, made using nylon and polypropylene, reduces the amount of unburned fuel escaping from the engine.

The new version takes the process further by generating steam energy. When the engine burns petrol, it generates heat. The heat converts water, piped in from a separate tank, into steam energy. The result is a hybrid fuel that helps reduce the use of petrol by 30 percent. 



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