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The chickpea-based products come in puffs and crisps in a range of flavours

Spotted: After an initial rush to capitalise on consumer interest in vegan food, some companies are finding the market too crowded and are removing some of their products. Analysts do, however, expect the market to continue to grow overall and plant-based snacking is one area that looks likely to continue with strong growth.  

Natch Snacks is an all-natural snack brand that prioritises healthy ingredients along with sustainable production processes. Based in India, the brand’s products are largely chickpea-based, a particularly healthy legume that provides a full protein along with a range of additional vitamins and minerals.  

Natch Snacks come in a variety of flavours, and the chickpeas are available as puffs or crisps. The company also produces Thai rice chips and dried mango slices. All products are gluten-free as well as vegan and contain no artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours. The snacks are available online, and Natch Snacks also offers a variety of gift hampers made from reusable felt.  

Working with partner organisation ReCircle, Natch Snacks offsets its ‘plastic footprint’ in hopes of reducing its carbon footprint. Having recently raised more than $360,000 (around €329,000) in seed funding, the company plans to expand its market reach, continue developing its product line, and improve its distribution for a strong omnichannel presence. 

From doubling the protein value of chickpeas to using the liquid the legumes are packaged in as an alternative to eggs, innovations in Springwise’s database highlight ways in which innovators are taking advantage of chickpeas’ potential.  

Written By: Keely Khoury



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