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A medical device measures gait and balance

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The system helps healthcare practitioners focus preventive care on patients most at risk of falling

Spotted: The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified falls as being a major public health problem, and estimates that around 684,000 fatal ones occur each year. That makes falling the second leading cause of unintentional injury-induced death, after road traffic accidents. As the world’s population ages, the pressure on health service systems is likely to increase as more older people seek care for a fall. 

French healthtech company AbilyCare decided to focus on prevention and rehabilitation as a means of reducing that public healthcare burden. Developed by and for healthcare professionals, the AbilyCare software-as-a-service (SaaS) system includes a mobile testing kit, digital evaluations and data analysis, and a dashboard for monitoring patient progress.  

The mobile testing kit includes movement sensors and a balance platform that help caregivers identify patients’ areas of weakness. Earlier identification of increased risk of falling makes it easier for healthcare teams to set up preventive care programmes that, ideally, will reduce emergency hospital admissions. Reduced emergency admissions means better long-term health outcomes for patients, as well as reduced financial burdens on overstretched care systems.  

When used in rehabilitation settings, the AbilyCare platform and dashboard make it easy to track improvements over time. Detailed reports are available for both carers and patients, and the system is adaptable to a range of medical needs. AbilyCare is available as a one-off, to buy or rent as a long-term service, and as a bespoke programme.  

As populations age, Springwise is spotting more innovations that focus on care for the elderly, including an assistive robot and a platform that connects seniors with qualified care providers.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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