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An app outsmarts fake meds

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A female-led company is providing safe medicines and healthcare assistance through an app

Spotted: According to the World Health Organization, 10 per cent of medicines in circulation across low- and middle-income countries are either substandard or counterfeit. Fake medicines occur more regularly in these countries both because regulatory structures tend to be weaker and because cheaper, non-branded generics are preferred and are very widely forged. This is a huge threat to public health.

Working to change this is Dhaka-based startup Arogga. The company is the first Bangladeshi app that brings prescription and healthcare services to a customer’s doorstep directly from the manufacturer. Users can simply upload their prescription and Arogga will ensure safe delivery of their medicine at an affordable price.

The company uses technology to digitise the pharmaceutical supply chain, making it easier for it to track the provenance of medications and reduce potential counterfeit drugs getting into the supply. App users can also compare similar medicines from different producers, making it easy for them to find and order the right product.

Arogga recently completed the second phase of its seed funding round, raising $4 million  (around €3.7 million) and adding to $1.5 million (around €1.4 million) raised in the first phase last year. The company claims this is the largest health seed round in Bangladesh.

Making medications safer and more secure is the focus of a number of recent innovations Springwise has spotted. These include smart lockers that let patients pick up their medications when they want and a platform that connects pharmacies with customers to for easy access to female health products.

Written By: Lisa Magloff




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