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A platform for creating a zero-waste pharma supply chain

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A logistics platform is helping pharma companies reduce costs and better meet compliance regulations

Spotted: The pharmaceutical supply chain involves sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, distributing, and delivering medications to patients. Due to its complexity and the involvement of numerous stakeholders, pharma supply chains require careful coordination and adherence to regulatory guidelines at every stage. All of which means that sustainability often takes a back seat to other considerations.

Rectifying this is one of the goals of SaaS startup Controlant, which aims to deliver zero-waste supply chains using a cloud-enabled software platform, dubbed Aurora. Controlant’s Lára Hilmarsdóttir​ told Springwise that the solutions, “include a validated real-time visibility platform, command center, services, and advanced IoT devices” which make operation, “significantly more reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable.”

The platform can be managed from an easy-to-use dashboard that includes an innovative automatic release mechanism for pharmaceutical products. It also allows companies to ensure that products are secure at each stage of the supply chain. Every activity is recorded, providing a record of all actions related to the shipments and providing an audit trail for use in ensuring regulatory compliance.

Controlant recently received $40 million (around €38 million) in financing from funds advised by Apax Credit, the credit investing arm of Apex Partners LLP. The money will be used to help Controlant accelerate growth and expand its offerings.

Springwise has recently spotted a number of innovations in the database aimed at improving logistics. These include the use of smart packaging and an African company revolutionising the fruit and vegetable supply chain.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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