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Safe and natural baby hygiene products for the African market

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A Nigerian company is designing skin care and hygiene products specifically for African children using natural ingredients

Spotted: Many of the care products currently on the market in African countries are of Western origin, created by Western experts, and based on Western tastes. Nigerian baby and child healthcare company Mobaby Care is working to change this with a line of all-natural skin and hair care solutions designed for babies and children.

Mobaby was started by Nigerian scientist and entrepreneur Maryam Adebola-Salami, who was inspired after using a synthetic oil that burnt her child’s skin. She decided to create products that use only all-natural, local, oil- and herb-based formulations, that are specially designed for African skin. The products are also manufactured for African needs, for example, many of the products contain natural mosquito repellents and protection from UV rays.

Mobaby argues that health and the gender gap are interrelated issues, and the company also keeps this larger picture in mind. Accordingly, 60 per cent of its suppliers and 50 per cent of its partners are female-led, and 80 per cent of Mobaby’s staff are female. The company’s focus is on helping women maintain their health and the health of their family, but also on education and providing much-needed jobs.

This year, the company partnered with Access Bank, through its Project Uwar campaign, to distribute 3000 birthing kits across communities in northern Nigeria. The kits are designed to aid in safe delivery and promote breastfeeding. Mobaby is also working on a project to match mothers with healthcare professionals, as well as an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that can help answer parents’ questions about their children’s skincare and hygiene.

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