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The Dance One’s removeable battery can be plugged into any standard outlet, making it easier to maintain power between rides. The battery takes three hours to recharge and on a full charge, lasts up to 55 kilometres. | Photo source Dance

Premium e-bike subscription offers a full-service concierge

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All repairs and maintenance are booked via an app and completed within 24 hours

Spotted: Berlin-based startup Dance offers a full-service e-bike subscription that encourages members to replace traditional commutes with movement, whilst removing the headache of bike maintenance. For a monthly fee of €79, members receive a custom-designed electric bike, as well as access to a concierge service, which includes initial delivery of the new bike and ongoing repairs. Currently available within the central Berlin Ringbahn area, the company is already planning to expand into other cities.  

The company has internally designed its own first-generation e-bike, called the Dance One, which features an aluminum frame, weighs around 22 kilograms and has a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour. The Dance One also includes a built-in alarm and GPS system and, for extra security, the lithium battery can be removed when the bike is left unattended. The Dance One’s removeable battery can be plugged into any standard outlet, making it easier to maintain power between rides. The battery takes three hours to recharge and, when fully charged, can cover up to 55 kilometres.  

Designed to be ridden in all conditions, the Dance One also features hydraulic disc brakes, a carbon belt, puncture-resistant tires and high-visibility gear. An integrated Bluetooth locking feature allows members to unlock the bike using their mobile phone. Also included in the on-demand concierge service are maintenance, repairs and even a replacement bike in case of theft, although some fees apply in certain cases, for instance, if the bike was left unlocked.  

Launched by the founders of Soundcloud Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung, alongside Jimdo co-founder Christian Springub, Dance is driven by a shared vision to create cleaner and safer urban areas centered around communities of people, rather than traffic. CEO of Dance, Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss said “By making it more convenient for Berliners to choose an active commute, together we’re creating a healthier, greener and more livable city.”

Those interested in joining Dance can sign up to the waitlist online to receive a notification when a bike and service is available in their area. The company is also accepting queries about business e-bike schemes for employees.  

The e-bike movement has been gaining traction over the past few years, especially in Europe where national lockdowns due to the pandemic led to a surge of interest in cycling. In 2018, e-bike sales were at 3.7 million per year and on the current trajectory, this number is set to reach 17 million per year by 2030. Recent e-bike innovations spotted by Springwise include a handcrafted e-bike frame using sustainably sourced plywood and a modular cargo design for increased customization.  

Written by: Keely Khoury

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