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Offering EV charging to multiple parking spaces from a single power source

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Go Eve’s pioneering charging technology cheaply charges electric vehicles at scale

Spotted: Electric vehicles (EVs) are an important part of efforts to decarbonise the transportation sector. Even though EV sales are on the rise, there are concerns that uptake is simply not happening fast enough to meet climate targets. The lack of infrastructure is one reason for this, particularly when it comes to EV charging. Current technology only allows one or two EVs to access fast-charging stations at a time, prompting startup Go Eve – spun out from Imperial College London and University College Dublin – to create a technology that offers fast charging for an entire car park. 

This startup’s DockChain technology promises to revolutionise EV charging. It offers affordable and easy-to-use charging points that can serve multiple parking spaces from a single power source. With its intelligent software, Go Eve’s DockChain manages a virtual queue that schedules high-power charging to every vehicle. This not only alleviates the need to move e-cars around to different charge points, but also offers large cost savings. 

Hugh Sheehy, CEO of Go Eve, says: “Go Eve offers a technology that can transform EV charging. For EVs to replace fossil-fuel cars, charging needs to be faster, lower cost, more widely available and most efficiently use available grid capacity. Our technology does all these things, which is why we see a future with rapid charging in every space.”  

The company has secured £3 million (around €3.5 million) in initial funding – a critical milestone for Go Eve. These funds will enable the company to strengthen supply chains and expand production capabilities. The financial support also allows Go Eve to install its DockChain system at multiple locations, with the ultimate goal of achieving widespread availability across Europe and the US by the end of the year. 

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Written By: Georgia King



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