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Novel bacterial treatments for water and waste management 


One company is solving classic waste management issues more sustainably by using natural processes instead of harsh industrial chemicals

Spotted: Classic approaches to waste management are what you might imagine: urinals being unblocked with caustic chemicals, bathroom odours being masked with harsh cleaning agents and deodorisers that need daily reapplication, and even chemical descaling of sewers that can destroy the functionality of a sewer. This is where Advanced Bacterial Services (ABS) comes in. The company utilises patented microbial treatments to solve the root cause of these issues.  

ABS currently has three commercially available treatments for issues of this nature: FOGZAP, SLUDGEZAP, and URIZAP. In each, the company has tailored the microbiome to fit the intended purpose, so that the bacteria will simply digest the blockage or undesired waste. 

FOGZAP utilises bacteria to digest FOGS – fats, oils, grease, and saponification (associated salts, fatty acids, and glycerol). SLUDGEZAP can be used to break down natural build-ups of organic material either in pipes or septic tanks, improving the health of these systems and bypassing the need for costly manual removal methods. Finally, URIZAP removes unpleasant odours from urinals and gets rid of any blockages, while helping to prevent future blockages. The microbial content of the treatment digests built-up uric acid that would ordinarily require heavy drain unblockers.  

Inefficient water and waste management can result in unnecessary costs, whether that be from leaks or lengthy, expensive repairs that may be needed in the long run if sanitation systems aren’t monitored properly. In the archive, Springwise has also spotted self-healing sludge that can be used in sewers and technology to spot pipe breaks.

Written By: Archie Cox




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