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Protecting biodiversity with hi-tech beehives


The smart, IoT-enabled beehive allows beekeepers to optimise conditions of their colonies and keep the bees as healthy as possible

Spotted: We don’t always give much thought to the insects that buzz around us, but without many of them, we wouldn’t be able to eat many of the foods that we depend on.  

With bee populations declining alarmingly in recent years, 3Bee has developed a solution that can improve bee health and, therefore, protect biodiversity and food security. 

With 3Bee’s smart technology, which works with all existing beehive models, a beehive’s conditions can be monitored and adjusted remotely. Known as Hive-tech, the system uses Internet-of-Things (IoT)-enabled sensors that measure various data, including humidity, temperature, noise, and weight.  

The sensors are solar-powered and take readings every hour to ensure that beekeepers have access to accurate and up-to-date data, so that necessary interventions can be made quickly. An app allows users to visualise their hive data easily with notifications triggered when any significant changes occur. 

3Bee lists Amazon, Ferrero, Ubisoft, and Toyota among the brands that have already supported its projects. It claims to have already sold over 3,000 devices to more than 1,400 farmers and is working with more than 650 partners on environmental projects.

Protecting bees isn’t just essential for preserving biodiversity, it’s also important for ensuring long-term food security for everyone on the planet. In the archive, Springwise has also spotted bee-free honey and bus stops that double as bee habitats.

Written By: Amanda Simms



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