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Providing indigenous communities with funding for forest stewardship


A certified carbon offsetting programme is helping businesses reach net zero while promoting forest conservation

Spotted: Research estimates that indigenous people make up five per cent of the global population (and 15 per cent of the world’s extreme poor), but they protect 80 per cent of the Earth’s precious biodiversity. Despite the fact that these communities play such a huge role in protecting the environment, they are often forcibly removed from ancestral lands because of logging, oil extraction, mining, and agriculture.

One Tribe puts indigenous people back in the driving seat of rainforest protection by providing native communities and smallholders with funding for their stewardship and protection of forests through nature-based offsets and removal. The company specialises in connecting forestry protection projects, indigenous tribal land, and rainforest organisations directly to global payment systems. This enables businesses to provide a portion of every sale or transaction to global carbon sequestration projects.

After a purchase is made on a One Tribe partner store, the company makes a donation to its connected rainforest protection charities on the buyer’s behalf. One Tribe’s partner charities ensure the land is protected in various ways: by creating land titles for indigenous peoples so that they have legal ownership over an area, by turning land into National Parks or areas of official protection, and by purchasing the land directly.

Through the offsets, businesses can fund biodiversity protection as part of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) campaigns. One Tribe directs funds only to high-grade verified carbon offset and conservation-focused projects, certified by industry-leading standards.

As opposed to tree-planting projects, which are often expensive and take years to see results in carbon sequestration, One Tribe claims that the protection of 20 trees will cost under £1 and could absorb almost 4000 kilogrammes of CO2 by 2030.

Carbon offsetting projects have proven a very popular way for businesses to meet their ESG and net-zero goals. In addition to One Tribe, in the archive, Springwise has spotted offsetting programmes aimed at the hospitality industry and the advertising industry.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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