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Reviving nature: a new era of tech-driven restoration


A platform streamlines nature restoration, from project development to selling credits

Spotted: In all the talk of technology to help various sectors reach climate targets, less attention has been paid to nature-based solutions. Often, nature restoration projects are met with long and cumbersome processes, which hinders fundraising, scaling, and speed.

Nature tech company Arkadiah Technology has developed a solution to bring traceability and transparency to these projects, making it easier to unlock financing and scale land restoration projects. Arkadiah has built a platform designed especially for climate mitigation projects in Southeast Asia, a region that saw greenhouse gas emissions rise faster than anywhere else in the world between 1990 and 2010.

Arkadiah’s approach uses artificial intelligence (AI), LiDAR, satellite imagery, and ground truthing to provide transparent and verifiable data. Project developers, landowners, and corporations can then use this information to streamline the deployment of nature-based climate solutions, such as reforestation projects, and quickly issue quality carbon removal and biodiversity credits.

The company has recently closed a successful seed funding round led by Golden Gate Ventures, with participation from The Radical Fund and Money Forward Venture Partners. Oriana Suryo, Head of Marketing at Arkadiah, told Springwise that the company is “now working on developing the technology and onboarding project partners and investors. Our focus is on restoration and regenerative agriculture, where there is a shortage of such high-quality carbon removal projects.”

Platforms like Arkadiah’s can help make it easier and quicker for climate projects to attract the funding they need. Springwise has spotted other platforms that are boosting essential nature-based projects, including the use of AI to unlock climate investments and prevent wildfires.

Written By: Lisa Magloff


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