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A battery-powered trailer for the RV industry

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The Lightship L1 is the first purpose-built all-electric RV for adventurers to explore nature without harming it

Spotted: The travel and tourism sector is responsible for around eight per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and is likely to generate 6.5 billion metric tonnes of carbon emissions by 2025 – posing a dilemma for those who want to preserve the world they are exploring. This issue is particularly relevant for those who prefer to travel in recreational vehicles (RVs), which have remained almost entirely fossil-fuel-powered even as other categories of electric vehicle (EV) have grown in popularity. Hoping to reinvigorate this market is US company Lightship, with its plans for America’s first all-electric travel trailer – the Lightship L1 (L1). 

Lightship’s electric RV has a clean-sheet design, giving it three times the aerodynamic efficiency of traditional models. The trailer also has its own 80 kilowatt-hour powertrain that adds additional propulsion. Together these features ensure that an electric vehicle (EV) towing the L1 loses almost none of its range – an electric vehicle with a 300-mile range remains a 300-mile range vehicle. The trailer’s large battery, combined with solar panels, also enables off-grid living for up to a week. 

“L1 is the RV revolution needed for those who love to explore our planet while making sustainable choices. We want to experience our planet without harming it!” said Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod and principal of Build Collective – a firm that’s invested in Lightship. He adds that the “L1 has been entirely rethought for camping and towing (…) Lightship is changing the industry for the better.” 

The company will be manufacturing its pilot line of Light L1s in Broomfield, Colorado, and is currently accepting reservations for those who want to secure their electric RV.

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Written By: Georgia King



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