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An all-in-one platform for planning travel itineraries

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Stippl has created a platform for travellers to easily create, organise, and change travel itineraries

Spotted: Travel planning is tedious, making you flit from website to website to organise your entire journey. However, a few avid travellers recognised this issue and set out to find a solution. The result was Stippl, an all-in-one platform that simplifies travel planning by integrating everything onto a single website and app. 

The Dutch company explains that users start by selecting their travel dates and destinations in a planner, which can be shared and synced with others. Then, when you’ve mapped your trip out, Stippl can find and book your accommodation using popular sites like, Airbnb, and Hostelworld, while revealing the best transportation options between destinations. 

Stippl also goes beyond meeting the basic needs of travellers. It lets users discover exciting tours, activities, top-rated destinations, and authentic local eateries. The social aspect of Stippl is equally beneficial, providing valuable insights from other users, travel experts, blogs, and articles. With Stippl, friends can also plan trips together, eliminating co-planning difficulties. 

The platform has gathered around 20,000 users since its soft launch in 2022. This number is only set to grow, too, after the company recently secured €400,000 to help the user base expand fivefold this year. 

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