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For HR teams, Localyze provides a dashboard to keep track of each case of global mobility | Photo source Localyze

A platform takes the pain out of hiring and managing employees across borders

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Through easy-to-use dashboards and personalised support, the platform makes it easy to manage and relocate overseas employees

Spotted: The long-term economic success of many European countries is threatened by a persistent talent gap. The EU is facing worrying worker shortages with 2.6 per cent of all jobs in the bloc currently vacant. And in Czechia and Belgium, the vacancy rate is even higher, approaching five per cent. These rates are the highest in at least a decade, and in hi-tech sectors such as artificial intelligence, the problem is particularly acute. For example, a study by IBM found that 23 per cent of tech recruiters in the UK, Germany, and Spain struggled to find applicants with the necessary problem-solving skills.

Faced with the challenge of filling vital positions, it is more important than ever that companies can access the best talent from around the world. But relocating employees and hiring across borders comes with administrative and logistical challenges. This is where German startup Localyze comes in. Part all-in-one platform, part personalised support service, Localyze takes care of the admin-heavy tasks involved with finding the best global talent. For example, the startup will handle job postings, office transfers, visas, insurance, social security, and tax compliance.

Localyze claims that HR teams can hand over cases involving global mobility to its experts in as little as two minutes. HR employees can then easily keep tabs on the status of each case through an easy-to-use dashboard that notifies users when they need to act. The platform can be integrated with common HR tools such as Personio and Workday, and Localyze’s team of experts is on-hand to answer questions and take care of additional paperwork.

Employees have access to their own accessible dashboard that guides them step-by-step through the entire process of relocation. And to find answers to questions big and small, employees can refer to the platform’s knowledge page or speak to a member of the Localyze team.

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Written By: Matthew Hempstead



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