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Online donation platform mimics the real-world equivalent

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When it comes to donating to charity, there’s something not entirely satisfying about the uniform point-and-click experience most sites provide online. Makes perfect sense, then, to see Nadanu use a graphical interface that mimics the experience of giving in the real world. New York-based Nadanu offers giving platforms targeting the fundraising needs of charities, religious organizations and political candidates. eCharityBox, for example, provides a streamlined way for charities to collect donations across all major communication mediums. Modeled after a traditional charity coin box, donors drop virtual coins into their eCharityBox and watch it fill up; once the box reaches a predesignated amount the box is emptied, their credit card charged and an automated tax receipt is sent via email. eOfferingPlate, meanwhile, lets churches of all sizes receive offerings, tithes and gifts via mobile devices, Facebook and the web. Using the image of a real-world offering plate, the technology gives donors a visual experience every time they give, no matter where they are. Nadanu currently works with more than 400 charities across the United States and Canada. Pricing for charities and nonprofits starts at USD 49 per month. Social organizations around the globe: time to make giving feel real again? (Related: Recycled parking meters collect donations for Montréal’s homelessOne-stop giving to a personal portfolio of charitable causesMicrocharity uses tangibility to target young donors.) Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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